4×4 Off road Driving

NorthEast 4x4 Driving Packages

30 min 4x4 Off Road Driving £45/€55

60 min 4x4 Off Road Driving £70/€85

Archery Tag & 4x4 off road experience £30/€40

4x4 off road experience
Join in while a friend drives or let an Instructor take control and show you around to demonstrate to you what the 4X4's are made to do.

3 Hour Drive Your Own 4x4

Grass track rallying and 4x4 Driving


4x4 Off Road Driving Carlingford Newry Dundalk

A Stag party Hen party or Birthday party one to remember ?

Experience real 4×4 off road driving in one of our 4X4 vehicles whether you chose to be the driver or chose our ride along package.
You will get to see what 4X4’s are built to do as we take you through our extreme mountain terrain where you will manoeuvre your way through, mud runs, steep ascents, enormous pot holes, over boulders and through rivers. The course here has been cut out in to the top of a mountain with gravity defying drops.

Enjoy 4×4 off road driving all while taking in the fantastic views in one of Ireland’s areas of natural beauty experience one of the best view’s Ireland has to offer with views of the Moran mountains, Slieve Donard, Newry , Carlingford lough, Warrenpoint and the Ring of Gullion.
Perfect for your corporate event, Stag party, Hen party or
Birthday party or even a treat for your self.

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How 4x4 transmission works

There are two types of 4×4 drive systems Full-time 4×4 drive and part time 4×4 drive.  Transmission wind up can happen in both part-time 4×4 and full-time 4×4 drive vehicles. In part-time 4×4 drive vehicles, differentials or diffs as many people call them are fitted to both front and back axles.


With a part-time 4×4 when not driving off road two-wheel drive is normally selected. When the two-wheel drive is selected the drive from the engine is exchanged through the back propeller shaft to the back final drive, the diff then transfers the power to the back hub shaft’s and they then turn the wheels which then give you drive. Much the same as a rear wheel drive car.


The gears inside of the differential enable the back wheels to pivot at various speeds to each other when the vehicle turns left or right while the diff proceeds to transmit power with converse to each wheel.


At the point when you engage the 4×4 drive, the front wheels are then also being driven. The drive is transmitted through both the front and the back hub’s giving drive to the front and rear axles, which also drive both the front and rear differential’s.


However, in a turn, side rotating of the front wheels which is used for steering, Causes the front wheels to revolve more than the back wheels. this causes a distinction in the rotational rates of the front and back wheels.


This then causes a difference in the rotating velocities of the front and back propeller shafts. since there is additionally a distinction in internal and external wheels, every hub shaft now turns at an alternate speed.


contrasts in speed can likewise emerge from contrasts in tire tread wear amongst front and back, or on the other hand in tire expansion weights


in a full-time all-wheel drive vehicle each of the four wheels is constantly determined also, the distinction of the relative velocities between the front and the back hub which happens when turning left or right,


Is represented by the fitting a third differential inside the exchange box. The third differential permitting the front furthermore, raise propeller shafts to pivot at various paces


while transmitting measure up to torque. however this third differential will be bolted when low range is chosen or on the other hand, the third diff bolt is locked in by the driver,


locking the front and back propeller shafts together as beforehand found in the low maintenance four-wheel drive vehicle.


In both part-time 4×4 and full-time 4×4 drive vehicles,

since the front of back propeller shafts are presently secured together in the exchange box the distinction in their velocities can’t be caught up in the transmission


What’s more, the transmission drive line can be subjected to torsional stretch known as transmission twist up.


In rough terrain conditions, the distinctions in speed can be consumed through slippage of the tires on the uneven surface. On firm street surfaces as it were two-wheel drive ought to be locked in,

or on the other hand on account of the lasting four-wheel drive

the diff bolt ought to be separated.


This is to counteract over the top tire wear what’s more, conceivable harm to parts in the transmission drive.