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NorthEast Paintball Packages

Rookie Pack
Paintball with 100 Paintballs

Commando Pack
Paintball with 300 Paintballs

Rambo Pack
Paintball with 500 Paintballs

(Minimum of 8 People Required For Paintball Arena)

Northeast Adventures

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Take to the battle field and get ready to lock and load with a game of paintball. Paintball is a great team bonding game compete against the other team in a number of great games.

Play some great paintball games against your friends or family. See Below some of the great fun paintball games that you will get to play.

  • Capture the flag
  • Team death match
  • Protect the president
  • Civil war
Paintball FAQ

Below we have a list of the most comon questions that we get asked all of the time. We hope that the below FAQ will help you with any questions that you might have.

  • Does paintball hurt ?  No if you follow the rules it is ok it is the people that do not follow the rules that get hurt in any activity. Getting hit with a paintball on bear skin at close range will hurt. That is why we ask people to wear long bottoms and a long top we also provide you with overalls and a face mask. The overalls will help keep the paint from the paintball of you clothes and will also offer you added protection from the impact from the paintball.
  • How long does a game of paintball last ? On average the paintball games can last from 2 – 3 hours. But games of paintball can last as long as you want it all depends on what package you decide to go for more paintball’s will make the games last longer. As long as you have paintball’s you can keep on playing paintball games.
  • What clothes should I wear ? We recommend you to wear old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. We do provide you with overalls and the paint from paintball wash’s of easily but as you will be out doors depending on the weather you might still get a bit mucky. We also suggest boots if you have them and no open toe shoes are aloud.
  • Is paintball good for team building ? Yes paintball is a great activity for team building work together to try win the games together with your team. You will find that teams that work well together and plan there mission are the teams that will win the games.

Paintball Stag Hen Carlingford Newry Dundalk.

  • I  am planing a stag party hen party is there any were close by that is good to go out that night ? Northeast Adventures is located between Carlingford Dundalk and Newry all great places to have a stag party or hen party.
  • Can we dress up the stag or hen while taking part in the paintball games can we do this ? Yes you can but any costumes must be on over the overalls and must not cover the face mask as the face mask must be kept on at all times for safety reasons while playing paintball.