Planing a stag?

Stag party

Stag party


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Planing a Hen?

Hen party

Hen party

Carlingford Stag & Hen party.

If you are after a wild weekend away with the lads for a stag party or the girls for a hen party or a quiet couples break away. Northeast Adventures has you covered, we cater for couples or large groups alike. Carlingford offers excellent accommodation excellent pubs and award-winning food.


Spending time outdoors can be a great way to get back in touch with nature and forget all of the real-life problems that are weighing you down. Bring along a few friends, and take in the great views that Northeast Adventures has to offer. We are in one of Ireland’s areas of natural beauty.

Carlingford is in the northeast corner of County Louth, it is halfway between Dublin and Belfast, making it perfect for visitors from two of Ireland’s biggest cities.


The Cooley Peninsula is divided along the border with Northern Ireland. Offering rugged mountain terrain making Northeast Adventures the perfect terrain for off-road driving and taking in the dramatic views of Carlingford Lough from our adventure centre

Having a stag party or hen party in Carlingford ?


At Northeast Adventures Carlingford and Newry we offer a number of activities please see below.

Carlingford Stag and Hen party

NorthEast Adventures Carlingford and Newry provides a number of outdoor activities located in the beautiful Ring of Gullion. We are just outside Newry and 10 minutes from Carlingford and 15 minutes from Dundalk. Coming from Dublin or Belfast not to worry we accept Euro and Sterling. We are located just off the M1 motorway just under an hour from both Dublin and Belfast.

We have a wide range of fantastic activities. Perfect for Stag parties, Hen parties, birthdays or any group day out. Come enjoy yourself at our 120-acre Carlingford/Newry site. We offer activities such as 4×4 Off Roading, Paintballing, Rallying, Shooting, Axe throwing, Archery Tag and many more. Enjoy some of the best views in Ireland while taking part in some of our activities with views of Carlingford Lough, Newry and the Ring of Gullion to name just a few.

Our outdoor Activity Centre can provide an action-packed day for you to thoroughly enjoy. If you are part of a Youth/Sports Group, on a Hen or Stag party or have a Corporate event Contact us. We are able to provide packages and events to suit your needs!

Our 4×4 Off Road track is a fantastic way to test your driving skills against your friends. The steep hills or deep water-filled trenches will surely get your adrenaline pumping and the views at the top of the mountain are spectacular. This activity will allow you to experience a 4×4 vehicle to its full potential whether you drive professionally or for pleasure.


There comes a time in every man’s life when it’s time to settle down and ‘Take the Plunge’. This means a Stag Party for him and all of his friends. One of the most important parts of a stag party is doing something memorable for his big send-off. Northeast Adventures is the place to do it! Book your Accommodation & Activities, pack your bags and head to Carlingford for a final weekend of childish fun and crazy antics with your best friends.

Are you a first time Off Road Driver?

Northeast Adventure gives you a gentle introduction and gradual build up that will suit you perfectly and also makes an ideal gift. Gift vouchers are always available on request.

NorthEast Adventures promotes the safe and non-damaging use of off-road vehicles so you can enjoy the excitement of driving a 4×4 in a safe but challenging 120-acre site. With the guidance of an instructor, you can have a great driving adventure in the heart of the Ring of Gullion County Armagh. One of Ireland areas of natural beauty.


Do you own a 4×4 vehicle?

Bring it along to NorthEast Adventures Off-Road centre and get your wheels muddy with an instructor to guide and show you how to get the most from your vehicle! We hold pay and play days throughout the year keep an eye out for them on our Facebook page.


Driven off-road before?

Brush up your technique on the advanced sections of the NorthEast Adventures course.
After the off-roading gets your heart pumping why not challenge your friends, family or colleagues with a game of paintball or shooting. Our paintball arenas are designed professionally by a member of the Armed Forces. NorthEast adventures will provide you with protective equipment and overalls along with professional guidance to make the games as fun, competitive and safe as possible.