Northeast Adventures Center Activities Carlingford Newry Northern Ireland


Northeast Adventures Center Activities Carlingford and Newry Northern Ireland

Our activities at Northeast Adventures center come in a wide range of packages for your group to choose from.  So get in touch if your looking for fun activities and things to do in Carlingford, Dundalk, or Newry, Northern Ireland. We specialise in creating great packages for hen parties, stag do’s, birthday parties as well as corporate events. Why not take a look at our great packages listed below. Click on the activities to find out more about each one, our packages and how to book with us.

4x4 Off Roading

4x4 driving activities northeast adventures

Northeast Adventures activities offer one of the best 4×4 off road driving experiences in Ireland. Take a hair-raising tour with our instructor driven trip up to the famous Flagstaff viewpoint.

Or you can even bring your own 4×4 and test yourself out with our extreme off road driving adventures.

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How about paintballing? Here players team up and eliminate opponents by hitting them with dye-filled capsules. Players choose from our low energy air weapons and the capsules break upon impact.

At Northeast Adventures this competitive team building exercise is very popular for groups ranging from both adults to kids.

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Axe Throwing

axe throwing activities carlingford

Why not try your hand at the Axe throwing game? – throw the axe at the target attempting to hit the bullseye or as close to this as possible.

Axe throwing target dimensions consist of five rings each of which are four inches wide. The outside ring is worth one point, the next one in is worth two. Then three, then four and finally the bullseye is worth five points.

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shooting activities carlingford stag

Northeast Adventures centre is home to one of the best shooting ranges in Ireland.

So find the right weapon of your choice and build up your skills and techniques with some top-notch target practice.

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Blind Driving

blind driving activities

Yes! You got it right!

We said Blind Driving and as its name suggests.This activity involves putting on your blindfold and getting behind the steering wheel of a car.

Then listen carefully as the rest of the gang give instructions to guide you around our blind driving track facility.

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Archery Tag

archery tag activities carlingford

Have you ever wondered what is Archery Tag? At Northeast Adventures this is a very popular team based activity. Eliminate all the players on the opposing team or knock out all the centres in their five spot target.

Then when a player gets tagged they must leave immediately. This competitive game has often been described as “all the fun of paintball with none of the pain and bruises”.

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Grass track rallying

grass track rallying activites carlingford

Grass track rallying has been described as one of the most thrilling outdoor activities at Northeast Adventures.

So choosing this activity means that you and your group get to go mad with the whole race track to yourselves.

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Space Hopper Football

space hopper football activities carlingford hen and stag activit

Space hopper football is another fun filled activity often described as “great for getting the craic going”. As a result, it is one of our most fun filled activities for groups of any age and size.

So this popular team building game is one of the best ice-breakers especially for more formal groups like our corporate events.

Bikes & Quads

Enduro motocross quads activities norhern ireland newry

Got a trials bike and looking for somewhere with a lot of unique and varied sections to ride?

At Northeast Adventures we offer a huge variety of different terrain to master your skills on. As such, this is spread across 120 acres at the top of Flagstaff mountain overlooking beautiful Carlingford Lough.

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