Axe Throwing & Shooting range Carlingford & Newry Northern Ireland

Axe Throwing & Shooting

Axe Throwing & Shooting range Carlingford and Newry Northern Ireland

Axe Throwing carlingford & Newry

Did you know that axe throwing has become a very popular sport over the last few years? In fact, this sport has now grown to include members that span across 9 international countries. Between the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF), and the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) there’s levels to this awesome challenge!

Take aim with one of our target practice packages.  Who will be the first to hit the bull’s eye with the axe and rifle. Take aim in our shooting range it is the perfect add-on activity for any activity. Try hit the targets with the rifle and blast down the targets with the handguns.

  • Axe Throwing and Shooting £30/€35 
  • Axe Throwing, Shooting, and Archery tag £40/€50
  • Axe Throwing, Shooting, and 4×4 experience £40/€50
  • Axe Throwing, Shooting, and Archery £40/€50

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About Axe Throwing

Upon arrival, our experts will show you the basics and will be with you for the first couple of rounds to help you with the technique. Target dimensions consist of five rings each of which are four inches wide. The outside ring is worth one point, the next one in is worth two, then three, then four and finally the bulls eye is worth five points. To participate you must wear closed-toe shoes just in case. Other than that,  we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes flannel is entirely optional.

Who can take part in this activity? Anyone can do it as long as they are able to throw an axe properly. But all children and teens under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult. However, if we doubt the capabilities of a minor to throw an axe, our staff members will not allow it. We do recommend that children are aged 10 and up. This is as safe as any other sport or entertainment activity of similar genre. When everyone respects the rules and safety measures, there is no chance of injury.
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