Enduro, Trials, motocross & Quads Dundalk, Newry, Northern Ireland

Enduro, Trials, Motocross & Quads

Enduro, Trials, motocross & Quads Dundalk, Newry, Northern Ireland

 Enduro, Trials Motocross & Quads

Looking for somewhere to test your enduro skills? Why not try out our track at Northeast Adventures.

Furthermore, we have plenty of different routes to test out or why not try one of our pay and play days.

Go anywhere and make your own new tracks plenty of land to explore with lots of different terrain to test your skills out on.

So if you own an enduro bike then test your skill on one-off Ireland’s best enduro tracks.

Northeast Adventures regularly hold pay and play days. We also hold other events such as our Cross Country enduro race.

Are you part of a MCC ? Or perhaps you’re looking to hold an event here? Why not get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out! The rules at Northeast Adventures are listed below:

  • Minimum amount of riders 3

  • Price £15/€20 pp

  • Ride time for small groups 3 hours



enduro northeast adventures newry northen ireland

So you’ve got a Trials bike and now you’re looking for somewhere with a lot of unique and varied sections to ride?

Northeast Adventures have a huge variety of different terrain to master your skills. Our land is spread across 120 acres at the very top of Flagstaff mountain.

Test your skills at one of Ireland’s most talked about trial’s venues. Different clubs and events just love to use us as their choice of venue. The most experienced riders love to tackle and compete across the different mountainous terrain.

Motorcycle trials Ireland

Motorcycle trials is a non-speed Motorsport event that uses specialized motorcycles. The bikes are designed to be ridden standing up and have no seats. The suspension is set up differently to other bikes. For example, this differs from an enduro bike or a motocross bike. They have a very short amount of movement on the suspension to give them more balance on the bike.

Trials events are split into sections where a rider rides through an obstacle course. While attempting to avoid touching the ground with their feet. The obstacles in the course can be of natural or constructed elements. In all sections, regardless of content, the designated route is carefully contrived to test the skill of the rider. Sections are divided into separate courses to accommodate the different skill level of riders, who compete in skill-rated classes.

In every section, the rider is scored by an observer. Observers count how many times the rider touches the ground with their foot or any other part of their body. Every time a rider touches the ground with their feet or any other part of their body known as “dabs” or “prods”, they receive a one-point penalty.

Trials scoring

The scores in each section are made up of  0, 1, 2, 3, or 5. So, if a rider makes their way through the section without touching the ground, they get a score of 0. Hence, this is known as “cleaning the section”. If the rider touches the ground once, they receive a score of 1. If they touch down twice, then they receive a score of 2. However, if they touch the ground three or more times, then they earn a score of 3.  The score of 3 is valid as long as they complete the section without:

  1. stalling the motor
  2. having to dismount their bike
  3. going out of bounds
  4. or going backward

If the rider fails to complete the section in a score of 5, then this is sometimes called a “fiasco”. Finally, the winner is the rider with the fewest points at the end of the event. In addition to this, some events are also timed with penalty points assessed to late riders.

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