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Northeast Adventures Hen Party – Carlingford, Northern Ireland 

If you’re planning a hen weekend in Ireland then Northeast Adventures is one of the best and most memorable destinations you could visit. If you’re just looking for things to do for your hen party in the Carlingford area or you’re more interested in finding a mix of unusual hen party ideas? Then make sure you check out our action-packed activities today! Why not try out one of our packages below for a guaranteed fun-filled adventure.

4x4 Driving & Shooting

4x4 driving and shooting

4X4 Driving & Shooting £45/€55

Axe Throwing & Shooting

Axe throwing & Shooting Great for your stag or hen party

Axe Throwing & Shooting £30/€35

Combo Pack

3 activity pack

Combo Pack Blind Driving 4×4 experience & Shooting £35/€45


paintball paintballing carlingford

Paintball from £15/€20

Hopper Football combo

Spachopper football, Archery & 4x4 experience great for stag or hen party

Space hopper football Archery and 4X4 off-road experience

Battlezone Archery Tag

archery tag activities carlingford

Battle-Zone Archery Tag £22/€28


Hen party planning checklist

It is well worth pointing out that in our experience, we have found that it is vitally important for the chosen organizer to take some time during the planning phase at the start, to sit down with the hen and have a good discussion about her guest list selection, and what type of celebration she really wants for her hen do.

The best hen parties have emerged from those who clearly establish the boundaries on the absolute no no’s and the do’s and don’ts upfront. Remember it’s her night so make sure the location, accommodation, dinner and drinks, and the activities planned are in tune with the type of weekend that she will look back on as one of the best and most memorable events of her life.

Hen Party Carlingford

How to plan your hen party

If you’re planning a hen party then the first thing to do is to start by making a checklist of different things to do. Then, beginning with the most important priorities first, you’ll need to start ticking things off one by one until you feel you’ve got everything fully covered, not only on time but well in advance and before the event is due to take place. This is the best way to be sure you can organise and manage a completely stress-free hen party.

Here at Northeast adventures we fully understand, that clearly, the chosen organizer is a very close and often intimately familiar friend of the hen, and that organizing her weekend away is a very important not to be underestimated responsibility. But please don’t worry!  Planning a hen party does not need to be a daunting task. Northeast Adventures specialises in organizing these types of events, you can rest assured that we have you covered and we can happily help you out in putting together the whole event.

hen party carlingford

What we offer

Here at Northeast Adventures, we don’t just offer packaged activities we help you plan the hen party of your dreams. And all within your proposed budget! We all know it is hard to maintain a busy work life balance.  It is often difficult to find the time to cover everything. This depends on the specific requirements for your group. It is also time consuming, to contact a bunch of different places you have no local knowledge about. It’s no joke that narrowing down the right accommodation to suit your whole group can be a daunting task. That’s why when you book your group accommodation through Northeast Adventures our activity packages include the best deals. So get in touch with us for a thoroughly enjoyable stay for all the girls to remember.

For example if you chose to visit Northern Ireland, near Dublin or along the beautiful east coast. We offer  accommodation for your hen party in Carlingford through well established and trusted providers within the region. Click here to find out more about our packages.

Choose from a wide range of fun activities for your hen party. We offer: blind driving, archery tag, grass track rallying, space hopper football and much much more. Contact us directly to find out more.

hen party carlingford

Hen Party Survival kit

For girls who want to have fun and still be up in time for their breakfast! This checklist of essentials is what you need to survive. – So make sure you bring your hen party survival kits along. Remember, this list is just a starting point for your hen do. Make sure to keep adding any extra key items you think might be specifically important for your star hen!

Here’s what you will need

Plasters – Be prepared for when your new dancing shoes give in and blisters make way. Plasters are always a good idea so you survive the night as we all love a good dance. The no pain no gain rule certainly does not apply here!

Wipes – Perfect for after activities to freshen up, then later after dinner or throughout the day or night. A minimum supply of wipes is light to carry and convenient to have at all times. Wipes are essential for disaster recovery in the make up department!

Chewing gum – Great to keep your breath minty fresh and clean throughout the day and night. This is a very important ingredient for a great night out.

Chocolate – Just the drug any girl needs throughout the day or night. You never know when your chocolate fix is needed. Always bring the minimum supply. This is an absolute must!

Paracetamol – No doubts you will need this after the night before to recover from an awful headache the next morning. Paracetamol is a very important requirement!

Dare cards – Make sure to have a dare in each of the bags. Everyone participates and you can also choose which one the star of the hen party will have.

Shot glass and mini bottle of wine – Be prepared at all times! This tip has you covered just in case you need a little fix.

Hen party Essentials

Outfits – Make sure you know what theme you are going for and that the bride is the odd one out. It should be easy to tell which one of you is getting married. Don’t be afraid to shake things up with funny themes maybe from her favourite TV show.

Novelty Items – Remember the sash for the bride and the bridesmaids! and any other novelty items for the remainder of the group to wear. Don’t forget the blow-up man and a picture of the groom to stick on his face.

Photobook –The night before make sure everyone in the group brings a photo with them and the hen. This is so you can stick it into a Photobook. This is given to the hen to reminisce about all of the good times had with everyone.

hen party guide
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